Friday, 6 March 2009

Happy Friday!

It's been a strange week, not feeling quite right and lacking motivation and enthusiasm which is not like me. But today the sun is shining, there are tiny puffs of white scudding across the sky which is such a pretty blue. The girls are laying in the paddock, all facing the sun as though they are mid worship, they are so entertaining.

I have had a wonderful rummage at one of my local charity shops this morning where I unearthed some great fun knitting patterns, an enormous bundle of sock needles, a collection of crochet hooks and some fab buttons - I love those finds. My washing machine is whizzing away felting a couple of rather splendid jumpers which will become bunnies and week will be very busy.

My other charity shop find was this beautiful soup bowl and saucer which I found a few days ago, I couldn't walk past it. Then as I was going back to the landy the florist had rows and rows of daffodils and hyacinths outside which gave me a use for my new found treasure.

No Friday is complete without a good baking session so the kitchen has been a hive of activity a lemon drizzle cake as requested by Miss A, gingerbread loaves for Mstr B and Mr H and a huge pile of tiffin. The tiffin is a hit with everyone but Miss A wont let me make tiffin unless she is able to deliver a box of the yummy stuff to Lu and Roger. So as we are bimbling off to Wiltshire for the weekend we will be able to make a delivery, which allows me to make tiffin!! So Lu if you read this make sure you get to the front door before Monty Dog over the weeknd, otherwise there might not be any left!

And what to do until my house is invaded by excited Friday children? There is always ironing but I would feel terrible giving treats to friends if I hadn't first tested that they were yummy......!!

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