Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I am soooooo excited, I have been a busy bee making crochet flowers for a spring garland, just like the one you can see over at the fairyglade.

Now this has taken much concentration, patience (not always in abundance here) and endless trips to the wool shop for the next colour - well you can't have all the flowers looking the same can you?! Also, not one to try keeping up with the Jones' but Miss A has studied Dev's garland so if it doesn't come up to scratch I will never hear the end of it.

I have now made all 11 flowers (the number was specified by Miss A - she very carefully counted the flowers on Dev's garland!) and now I just need to make the long greeny bit - but here in lies the problem.

So Dev if your reading please can you tell me how you made the green bit - I am ready and waiting with hook and yarn but not a clue - help!!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Sheep Poo and things....

I had hoped I would have time to tell you about lovely things I have been making, but the camera is not playing nicely, blogger keeps up loading photos around the wrong way and I am getting quite cross.

Oh, and the sheep poo thing, that adorable scrap of fluff, Bumble, sneakily ate vast quantities of the stuff yesterday afternoon, when I was distracted by new mugs, yarn and the delight of finishing a crochet flower. She then spent from 2.25am - 5.30am getting rid of the entire contents of her stomach, not in one almi
ghty whoosh, but nicely and carefully spread out so as to ensure I got no sleep what so ever, ggrrrrrrr! I also suspect that just like humans and alcohol, in a few days time she will have completely forgotten just how awful she felt and go and do it all over again, double ggrrrrrr!

Enjoy the one photo I managed to load and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Red Sky at night....

After supper we were treated to the most beautiful sky - just stunning......

And the morning really did bring Shepherd's Delight, or in our case Sheep's Delight and morning worship commenced!!

Rest & Recuperation

Miss A hadn't been well on Monday so by Tuesday morning with no improvement it was decided that a day at home was needed. Hugs, cuddles, crafting and story reading was the order of the day, so wasting no time Miss A was straight into all the cupboards finding lovely things that could be transformed into a suitable craft for a poorly day with Mum.

In no time at all large areas of the living room floor were strewn with books, felted sweaters, bits of scrap fabric and a sewing box, not to mention an ever hopeful Bumble, who believes that if there's an extra pair of hands around the place that surely means more tummy tickles.....

Miss A had other ideas - so many of them! So we narrowed the ideas list down to one - an egg cosie with an Easter theme. Pinking shears were clutched and an old woolen coat began it's transformation. Now there was to be no help required, my presence was purely companionship! Gradually things started to take shape......

Which required intense concentration.....By this time Bumble had quite given up any idea of the tummy tickle she had been expecting.....

And voila!! A splendid egg cosie, with a very Eastery theme! Miss A is known for her persistence (!) so a further 3 cosies were produced (Bumble gave up all hope after number 2 and sulked under the desk in the study). One was lovingly wrapped and sent to Grandma, who had hinted that an egg cosie was just what she needed.

Then finally a sleepy expression crept in. And what is the answer for a poorly girl who has been so creative? Well of course it is to find a much loved story (one which is so well known it can almost be recited without the book open), find a snuggly spot on the sofa with Mummy to allow soft words and warm cuddles soothe away any poorliness that might still be lurking.

Friday, 13 March 2009


Did you pick your nose this morning??!!

Well we did!
Actually that is not strictly true, I blew my nose, as the migraine that rudely interrupted last weekend was clearly a precursor of the cold type thing I now have. And for the first time in a long time I feel quite awful. Achy, hot, cold, hungry, not hungry, happy, tearful, grumpy, fidgety - it's probably safe to say that I am quite possibly being a real pain, but I am not good at unwell. It ruins plans and gets in the way. Oh dear, grumpy again.

But I did manage to make rather a lot of red nose cakes for school. I offered to make one for every child and of course every member of staff. They are having a pyjama day today which has caused so much excitement. So whatever you are doing to be funny for money, have a wonderful time!

Friday, 6 March 2009

A parcel for Miss A

The walk home from school across the fields was more than idyllic today, with the sun shining down on two very happy children and a very happy dog! Chatting and munching on tiffin we ambled along making plans for the weekend ahead.

I had quite forgotten that a parcel had been delivered for Miss A, until I heard a squeal of delight when she found it on the kitchen table.

Not much time was wasted in opening the box and squirreling away it's contents with a huge grin on her face.

A few minutes later we were presented with a Victorian maid! Miss A's project this term has been the Victorians and there is a planned trip to visit a museum at Woodstock. During the visit they get to experience life in a real Victorian Classroom and are all invited to come in costume. I am ashamed to admit that the mop cap is about all my sewing skills are up to so I temporarily removed my super mum title and ordered something fitting from the web! Rather a good result I think.

Happy Friday!

It's been a strange week, not feeling quite right and lacking motivation and enthusiasm which is not like me. But today the sun is shining, there are tiny puffs of white scudding across the sky which is such a pretty blue. The girls are laying in the paddock, all facing the sun as though they are mid worship, they are so entertaining.

I have had a wonderful rummage at one of my local charity shops this morning where I unearthed some great fun knitting patterns, an enormous bundle of sock needles, a collection of crochet hooks and some fab buttons - I love those finds. My washing machine is whizzing away felting a couple of rather splendid jumpers which will become bunnies and week will be very busy.

My other charity shop find was this beautiful soup bowl and saucer which I found a few days ago, I couldn't walk past it. Then as I was going back to the landy the florist had rows and rows of daffodils and hyacinths outside which gave me a use for my new found treasure.

No Friday is complete without a good baking session so the kitchen has been a hive of activity a lemon drizzle cake as requested by Miss A, gingerbread loaves for Mstr B and Mr H and a huge pile of tiffin. The tiffin is a hit with everyone but Miss A wont let me make tiffin unless she is able to deliver a box of the yummy stuff to Lu and Roger. So as we are bimbling off to Wiltshire for the weekend we will be able to make a delivery, which allows me to make tiffin!! So Lu if you read this make sure you get to the front door before Monty Dog over the weeknd, otherwise there might not be any left!

And what to do until my house is invaded by excited Friday children? There is always ironing but I would feel terrible giving treats to friends if I hadn't first tested that they were yummy......!!