Friday, 5 February 2010

The mantra I am adopting, along side the one that goes "chocolate is the answer.....".

Things are certainly upside down at the moment but we all remain healthy. The only thing I would really like (besides a bar of sweet goodness or a jolly good baking session) is some sleep. Both Mr Magic and myself appear to be very good at getting "brain whirrrr" as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

But little magics are skipping along taking everything in their stride, they always make us so very proud of them.

All your thoughts, prayers, words and rays of sunshine that are being sent are heartfelt and so very much appreciated - thank you, I will be back soon with hopefully a less gloomy post full of hope and plans for our future.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Life's Pendulum

Hi Peeps, I hope you haven't got too bored of popping by, waiting for me to finally write something.

Our holiday was wonderful, we enjoyed laughter filled days as a family with dear friends. Disney has a unique (!) way of ensuring that you are unable to think of anything outside, which meant a complete break away from reality.

Mr Magic and I both finished our runs, a half for me and a full marathon for him, the mini Magics where do I begin? Their holiday was non stop, so much fun they still struggle to remember which bit was best, how many times they went on favourite rides and who got which bits for their Mr Potato Heads......!!!!

We left lots of things simmering on life's stove when we popped across the pond back in January and on our return a few pots seem to have boiled over, so please bear with me while I am slightly distracted, mopping up muddles here and there.

I fear blogging could be somewhat sporadic as I struggle to find words at the moment, as well as that little thing called time. Happy February all. xx