Saturday, 22 May 2010

Light Relief

Would you like to come a a little adventure? It's such a beautiful day, come and see a little piece of my world that keeps me sane, makes me smile, sorts out the muddles in my head and a place where much laughter and merriment takes place? I thought you might, okay let's go....

It's not far away really, you see that little bundle of trees, beyond of the sea of yellow? That's where we're heading, we off to our woods!

Doesn't it all look beautiful in the sunshine, so jolly, the most perfect sky with just a few fluffs of white scudding across the blue.

You're nearly there now, come on don't dilly dally. I promise tea and cake along the way.

Come in! I hope you enjoy your visit, I can only apologise for taking so long to invite you all, but as you know it's been a little wonky around here, but now we're here lets go in and take a peak.

I'm not sure how to type "takes a huge breath, lets out a contented sigh & smiles" but that's what I do every time I am greeted with this scene!

Ahhh! now we're getting somewhere - this is what we call the enchanted wood, predictable I know, but these trees really whisper all their secrets to each other - it's mesmerising.

Here we are at our little camp, time to put the kettle on for a brew do cut the cake while I light the fire then we can sit and ponder while rope swings are swung, zip wires are sent whizzing, calling, laughing and squealing fills the air. Bumble flies between the trees at high speed, displacing pheasants and sending all rabbits deep beneath the ground. Yet there is always an air of calm here, under the trees.

Views to take your mind away from all the normal things that seem to buzz around your head. Distractions of the most delightful kind, the kind that create daydreams and far fetched plans. Making you feel quite dizzy with excitement and anticipation.

Den building and fire making, crochet and cooking, chatting and laughing, piglets being born and egg collecting - this little woodland holds so many life altering memories along with scraped knees and tears, camping under canvas while listening to the animals go about their night life, woodsmoke still littering the summer air.

Time spent here is always to short and sadly it's time to go home, school pick is approaching and all this daydreaming didn't include the menu for supper! I hope you had fun, I enjoyed your company and our little light refreshment!

Thank you so much for all your kind words and emails asking after us Magics, we are slowly finding our sparkles and I will show you what we've been up to very soon. xx

P.S. I have just been re-reading my first post for soooo long and am quite horrified at the many typos! I am clearly out of practice. xx