Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I am soooooo excited, I have been a busy bee making crochet flowers for a spring garland, just like the one you can see over at the fairyglade.

Now this has taken much concentration, patience (not always in abundance here) and endless trips to the wool shop for the next colour - well you can't have all the flowers looking the same can you?! Also, not one to try keeping up with the Jones' but Miss A has studied Dev's garland so if it doesn't come up to scratch I will never hear the end of it.

I have now made all 11 flowers (the number was specified by Miss A - she very carefully counted the flowers on Dev's garland!) and now I just need to make the long greeny bit - but here in lies the problem.

So Dev if your reading please can you tell me how you made the green bit - I am ready and waiting with hook and yarn but not a clue - help!!


The Fairy Glade said...

Oh bless you. I had no idea I caused such mayhem in the Muddle household! Basically, make a foundation chain as long as you need, (Isabel's hangs from a shelf). Turn it, and then missing the first chain, do a single crochet into each subsequent chain till the end. Make a chain at the end and turn, miss the first stitch and proceed as above. Do this for 3 rows or as wide as you want to make it. Any probs, let me know. Am looking forward to see the finished garland. Dev X

P.S. just in case...single crochet, ie sc...insert hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull through. 2 stitches on hook. yarn over and pull through both stitches.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo I have only just found your blog and am loving it. So glad I have found another place to have a good read.
The crochet flowers are beuuuuuuuutiful - in their lovely spring colours :o)

Tracy x said...

how great is crochet?????
i hate not to have the time to pick up needles or hook every day...
as for the sheep poo - your sweet doglet will do it again and again but she will learn to not eat so much in one go as she will be safe in the knowledge that there will always be poo!!
our hounds are now quite selective - only choosing the freshest pile be it rabbit, sheep or pony :)
ahhh country life
t x

Anonymous said...

Hello again
I was ever so pleased to see you over my place. Thankyou for your sweet comments and well wishing for my sister. I'll put hte kettle on for your next visit. Hoping to get another post up in the next day or two, but with all that's going on I can't make any promises. I am still visiting my friends blogs though(is good for my sanity).
Lots of love

Ragged Roses said...

They look lovely, congrats!!! I wish, I wish, I wish I could crochet ...