Thursday, 26 February 2009

Cupcake Day

Sometimes cupcakes are the answer, now don't get me wrong chocolate is always the answer that could never change. But today it was the turn of the cupcake.

Cupcakes to say "thank you" to Mrs Kean, who so thoughtfully made Mstr B a tudor house while we were away in Finland so he didn't feel left out - I was only slightly embarrassed when he politely refused, wanting to make his own!

The other box is for our poor suffering piano teacher to say "sorry". With a head full of logistics relating to sheep collection and concerns as to why Miss A was so emotional over half term we forgot to turn up for our lesson. So chocolate cupcakes will hopefully make a mends.

Miss A is now much better and we will assume a growth spurt was playing with her equilibrium!

And this could have upset my equilibrium had Bumble managed to go undetected until only crumbs were left.........


A Bun Can Dance said...

Very funny! I love that look on Bumble's face - she's been caught out eyeing up the cakes! They all look rather yummy. And is that a new spotty tablecloth?
D xx

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi there and thanks fior visiting the Fairyglade. The dishcloths are just so fab, I can't tell you. The only problem is that I don't want to get them dirty, I will of course, but they do look so nice hung over the taps all clean and new! Have been asked about the yarn by Toria as well, but have lost the band. Will be getting some more soon so watch this space!

Tracy x said...

will you look at that dogs face x!
how well behaved is Bumble.... my dogs would have taken the cakes, stand and tablecloth and dragged them off to their beds before the flash on the camera went off :)
t x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Me again, Bazaar stash = growing slowly! But I have got lots of new fabrics to play with!!
Just a thought - have you realised I tagged you for an award a while back - check out 'First Award' on my blog. D xx