Monday, 16 November 2009


While I was flying around blogland a couple of weeks ago I stopped by at the Fairyglade and found the most beautiful crocheted poppies. Remembrance Day for me is always special. I was always part of a Remberance Parade as a child with Brownies then as a Guide and it is also the date of my late, much loved, Gramp's birthday.

So with Dev's call to pick up our hooks, I made a cup of tea at high speed while rummaging through my yarn stash to find a good red yarn.

It was lovely to sit hooking while allowing my mind to drift through the memories of years past, the traditions and rituals, my pride in being the flag bearer, the inevitable goose bumps from hearing the last post and the chill as the roll call is read, mingled with the delight of sitting with my Gramps, eating winkles from a brown paper bag and traumatising my cousins with talk of rabbit stew, his huge hands which in a hug could make you feel so safe, his glass of scrumpy and polly-just a walking stick.........simply remembering.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Speedy update!

Such a long time since my last post so I thought I would bring you up to date through a few pictures of what happened in October!

We used lots of these

consumed masses of these......feeling much better now

when the sun shone we made very good use of these.....

Bumble got a new toy after Mstr B & Miss A went
exploring in Grandma and Pop's attic....

My hook got some exercise.......

Party time took up lots of time!

But the most exciting part of October was getting a sink and taps

oooooohhhh, they are the most lovely taps over the most
fabulous sink you have ever seen
and they work, yes, really they do, water inside Rose Cotage
(we wont mention the pain that Mr H went through, still going through, trying to move the
stone worksurface, but we will mention the fabulous friend who
helped move the ******* stone worksurface when Mr H could hardly
stand up straight - thank you!)

You see October was quietly busy!