Thursday, 19 March 2009

Rest & Recuperation

Miss A hadn't been well on Monday so by Tuesday morning with no improvement it was decided that a day at home was needed. Hugs, cuddles, crafting and story reading was the order of the day, so wasting no time Miss A was straight into all the cupboards finding lovely things that could be transformed into a suitable craft for a poorly day with Mum.

In no time at all large areas of the living room floor were strewn with books, felted sweaters, bits of scrap fabric and a sewing box, not to mention an ever hopeful Bumble, who believes that if there's an extra pair of hands around the place that surely means more tummy tickles.....

Miss A had other ideas - so many of them! So we narrowed the ideas list down to one - an egg cosie with an Easter theme. Pinking shears were clutched and an old woolen coat began it's transformation. Now there was to be no help required, my presence was purely companionship! Gradually things started to take shape......

Which required intense concentration.....By this time Bumble had quite given up any idea of the tummy tickle she had been expecting.....

And voila!! A splendid egg cosie, with a very Eastery theme! Miss A is known for her persistence (!) so a further 3 cosies were produced (Bumble gave up all hope after number 2 and sulked under the desk in the study). One was lovingly wrapped and sent to Grandma, who had hinted that an egg cosie was just what she needed.

Then finally a sleepy expression crept in. And what is the answer for a poorly girl who has been so creative? Well of course it is to find a much loved story (one which is so well known it can almost be recited without the book open), find a snuggly spot on the sofa with Mummy to allow soft words and warm cuddles soothe away any poorliness that might still be lurking.

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A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Miss A (Princess)
How very crafty and creative you have been! And what a wonderful egg cosy appeared from your hard work. I hope you enjoyed a good snuggle with that favourite story. Glad you are now much better. Commiserations to Master B (Artist Extraordinaire) for his snuffles and snottiness.
Big Hugs
D xx