Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We're Off.....

We are going on our holidays, no really, WE ARE GOING!!!

It's been booked for nearly a year. Mickey Mouse and the sunshine state are beckoning, 10 fun filled days with friends, maybe be a little run or two just to pass the time.

We don't care that we have over a foot of snow, it is not important that Mr Magic's car had to be abandoned 5 miles from home last night and do we care that the airport is currently closed??


We are about to slowly, carefully, with much merriment and hot chocolate in flasks, begin the journey to Uncle Andy & Auntie Paula's - Bumble is spending her holiday there as they are so close to the airport. Then a short slide to our flight whenever it takes off!

So have fun in the snow! Hugs Debs xx

Saturday, 2 January 2010

It's a dog's life.........

I thought I would show you how tough it is being a dog around here at Christmas time! Firstly leading up the Christmas Bumble spent days running around snow covered fields, sliding over icing pools of water and collecting balls of snow on all her legs, which she would nibble off when she was inside the cottage - leaving us to find mini puddles of water everywhere! It is safe to say she did not care in the slightest that this white stuff stopped all our Christmas visiting in it's tracks, that just meant more walks!

Then she was bundled up with dog bed, food and chews as we made our journey to quite wonderful friends, who had so generously invited us to stay for Christmas. I think the sight of Rose Cottage at the moment beggars belief that we can achieve a standard day, Christmas would have been a huge challenge. So we invaded their home where we spent the most lovely of times, the company was just superb, the food incredible and their friendship, kindness and generosity made our Christmas just perfect.

Needless to say Bumble makes herself perfectly at home in their house. They not only have a log burner, but also a young lady who is terribly generous with tummy rubs and she has pet rabbits! Thankfully Miffy & Cocoa have got used to Bumble running up and down the length of their run for hours on end and pay her little attention, but for Bumble it is just the hightlight of her visit.

The Christmas tree was groaning with gifts and much to Bumble's delight there were several with her name attached.

Much spoiling followed, a Christmas stocking full of doggy treats, a new squeaky Christmas pudding ball and then the gift from her tummy rubbing host that made Bumble's Christmas ........

...Phil the Pheasant!!! She could not wait for anyone to remove the tags and once she had hold of him no one was likely to get anywhere close! This toy makes a fantastic quack/honk type squeak which makes her go quite mad - it's very entertaining. This is not the first Phil that Bumble has owned, so we knew the pattern of events that would follow.

Glee and happiness as she parades around the house with him for several hours. Then a little light tossing of him into the air so that she can pounce! Next the intense look as she begins the work of exposing his squeaker - this is by far her most favourite part! Once the squeaker has been removed the general unstuffing of her beloved toy commences. This takes weeks and slowly, slowly the toy changes shape.

So now contented with a saggy toy Bumble is preparing to enjoy her next gift.........a bottle of dog beer!