Friday, 5 March 2010


I have started to write my blog so many times these last few weeks but muddles keep meddling with my thoughts and nothing, just nothing happens. So I just flit around blog land searching for your updates, cheerful snippets of your lives as a diversion from my own.

All of your wonderful messages lifted me up and carried me through the news of Mr Magic's redundancy when I thought we had hit an all time low. That would seem to have been just the first test of our strength.

The Magic household seems to have been rocked at it's foundation.

One breath taking moment when you watch a loved one go from happily living his life with the love of his life, to being within a breath of life and there is nothing that can be done.

Shock, anger and a void of emptiness that creeps up on you no matter how hard you are trying not to think.

But one thing he wasn't was gloomy. He was caring, loving and fun.

Taken too soon, with no warning, we are left reeling. But the world keeps turning, days keeping starting and we must also keep time.

Now we are left to find him in spring flowers, feel him in the first warm rays of the sun and in the star studded sky at night. When we hope that the aching will subside and the memories will make us smile again.