Monday, 20 July 2009

EEEEK no broadband!

Well that's it, broadband at cold comfort farm is being disconnected later today and reconnection will take at least a week - quite terrifying to think that my link to the world beyond the rubble will be out of reach for a week!

No sneaky cups of tea while I catch up on all your gossip, no new hooky techniques to try, fabric to swoon over, photos to brighten a dull day. I will just have to be strong and wait patiently and set aside a whole day to blog surf when I am reconnected!!!!

I hope you have fun with all that you do and I should be back just before my post date for my first swap. I will tell you all about it when I'm back but you could always take a look over at justbehappy. Chocolate and new yarn - sounds perfect to me!

Have fun, see you in a week! xxx

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Rose Cottage

These are the better bits..........dreamy wisteria, inglenook and lovely old range....

Then there's the bit we have destroyed........

Kitchen and Bathroom - well it was......

I think that's a smile, but it could be a grimace!!
We are rather pooped this week and I fear we are just beginning. The aim is to move in........well one day!

Mini update.......

We got those keys, we went inside and pretty much destroyed the kitchen and bathroom!!!!

I left two lovely, capable men unsupervised for the day yesterday and by the late afternoon there was nothing to distinguish where the kitchen ended and the upstairs bathroom began - yikes.

But I am suitably reassured that all is well and this is for the best, rotten beams are not good. So much chocolate later we are off again today to try and put some more beams in this space!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I am so very very very excited, I have hardly slept a wink last night, my tummy is in permanent somersault mode and trying to sit still to write this is particularly difficult.

Today is the day we complete on our purchase of Rose Cottage. It will be just two months tomorrow that I first walked into Rose Cottage, but the last few weeks since we exchanged contracts has been sooooo long.

We will have our home again. Somewhere we love, somewhere we want to invite friends and family, somewhere to build magical family memories, somewhere to put our mark, make it our own and feel at ease in it's embrace. I can't quite explain why renting cold comfort farm has been so wrong, not quite complete, very strange.

Life has been full of things for the last two months, I'm not really sure what things, but lots of things. Now it is time to try and find some order in the chaos, maybe get to show you what I have been doing in my free minutes - I have been hooking, sewing, felting and baking!!! The baking did get a little out of hand a couple of weeks ago with friends groaning under the constant supply, but the stress has eased a little and excitement has taken over.

So now I must dash, wrap more crockery, watch my phone intently and wait for those keys!