Friday, 26 June 2009

Ta Dah!!!!

Although the ice cream cupcakes were a wonderful distraction and greatly appreciated by many (due to the vast quantity that I made) I did finally get on with the job in hand and clear the study furniture into the landy.

This was no mean feat, bookcases are awkward and desks heavy but with constant encouragement from Bumble (!) and a rather impressive stubborn streak I did it!

Best not to mention the odd expletive that escaped my lips, but there were no children present.

As you can see it was all quite exhausting - even from an observers point of view!!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Distractions and Divations

As you will see from the picture our house is rather overloaded with stuff, I have spent weeks de-stuffing cold comfort farm ready to move yet there is still more!

Today was supposed to be spent dropping off admission forms for A&B at their prospective school followed by clearing bookcases and the study desk ready for them to go to their new home at Grandma and Pop's. The dropping off bits I achieved but the clearing, yuck!

Just looking at the desk is enough to send shivers down my spine and even inspire me to go and do the ironing, it really is that bad just look...

However, the real horror is that all that "STUFF" needs to fit neatly in here.......

So I wandered around the place trying to find something to take my mind of the task in hand. Sadly there wasn't any ironing as I attacked that yesterday so as to avoid going to the gym, A&B are desperate to earn pocket money because of an imminant holiday with Grandma and Pop so their bedrooms are unusually tidy. Mr H is away tonight so I can't even pretend to be cooking a sophisticated dinner as "cottage pie" has been requested.

Ggggrrrrrr - there must be something to do.........

well in the end I resulted to another batch of cupcakes! Rather snazzy I think. The batch I made earlier in the week (no doubt to avoid some hidious household chore) were quote grown up so I decided this time it was time for little people cupcakes. As we are getting ready for the school fete I thought I would try out cooking chocolate cupcakes in ice cream cones!!!!

Although intended for little people I'm sure I could squeeze in one with a cup of tea, it might just give me the energy to attack the study!!!