Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Firstly I wanted to thank all the lovely people who have enquired about my wellbeing - I am here!!! I am very well, a little frazzled, very busy and incredibly excited, but thank you all for your concern and kind comments.

So what has caused so much mayhem in this area of the world?
Such a small word but a word which evokes so much emotion, positive and negative, creates soooooo much work!!!

Our move last year saw us renting what we call "cold comfort farm". Not a pretty bungalow but an idyllic setting in a lovely village in North Oxfordshire. We really thought that renting was the way to go, no commitment, no hassle and a home that given the land with it we may not be able to afford if we were to try and buy it. Sounds great doesn't it?!

It has been a journey that has made us realise that where we live is so much more than just the outside space or the four walls that surround us. It's about making it our own, putting our own stamp on it. A space where we can relax and feel comfortable, somewhere that you can sit and enjoy a meal with friends and family without being embarrassed or mortified if they ask to use the bathroom - honestly they are that bad! It needs to reflect the people in it and we are four, a dog, three sheep and chickens, so things aren't always neat or tidy, our taste is not always conventional but much of what we have holds memories of previous journeys or of a moment in time. In a nutshell "cold comfort farm" isn't right for us long term.

At this turning point we are mid recession - as always our timing is immaculate! Undeterred we continued searching and a few heartaches later we have found, what we hope will be, our home.

Rose Cottage is in a small, goes nowhere village in the middle of the cotswolds. Surrounding the village is the most beautiful countryside. The cottage is just big enough, full of nooks and crannies and quirky enough to represent us all. It's also close enough to "cold comfort farm" to carry on enjoying the friends we have made.

So if my posting is erratic, I apologise, but I promise to pop back and fill you in as things progress.

Lastly before I sign off, look! I have been given an award! I am soooo excited I wanted to say a huge thank you to Julia for this splendid award. I know I have not been a good blogger this last month and I will try harder but to receive this was just fantastic - thank you Julia it is truly appreciated!

I promise to pop by and see what you are all doing in the sunshine and as soon as I have hassled solicitors into complete submission and the keys are in my paws I will take you on a trip to our new home.

Hugs xxxxx