Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Year

Hello lovely people! Happy new year!

My oh my, what a long and unscheduled absence. Like so many other bloggers it wasn't really planned, just the turmoil of the year past and the daunting view of the future made words disapear, well all the nice fun and interesting ones anyway.

I still have a huge sense of uncertainty, plenty of down right scary mountains to overcome but they are at least mixed with a lot of hope, some excitement and a glimmer of energy to hit this new year head on.

My lovely Rose Cottage has become a haven for folk looking for a short break or a long holiday. She is welcoming guests and getting oooodles of complimentary comments which I have to say makes me quite giddy and delighted. If you have a few dregs of tea left before leaving blogland pop over and see her in all her delights - I am the uneducated soul who is trying to keep her website looking OK, so any blips or disasters that you spot I would love to know (well in nice kind beautifully iced words please!).

I will try to put some photos of small delights that have crept into the last six months in a photo post, so you can have a little peak and I will be back soon with all the muddles and magic that I hope to find through this year.

New year hugs to you all!