Wednesday, 4 February 2009

White Muddles

Major muddles have struck....

No sheep (yet), one car in a ditch, one replacement car squashed on the drive(!), no trip to Finland.

We are all happy!


We are in the most beautiful place, covered with snow, we are fit and well so now there is much sledging, snow ball battles, igloo building, bread baking, cake making, hot chocolate drinking and general merriment. How could we be anything but happy.

I hope you're enjoying your wintery magic.

Hugs xxx

1 comment:

A Bun Can Dance said...

Now, of course, I am catching up with comments on all your other posts, so glad that the comments box is sorted!
Well, in this post I love the photos, in particular that is the cutest picture ever of Miss A Harvey! And the photo of the old building in the snow should really be on a greeting card.
Any spare marble cake?
D xx