Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The girls have arrived.....

After much sledging and juggling of travel arrangements we finally got to Finland and enjoyed adventures across the frozen lake, skiing and evenings spent alternating between the wood burning sauna and sitting watching the star filled skies.
Then our return brought more adventures. Snow had postponed the collection of our 3 Wiltshire Horn ewes. We had spent time walking our paddock checking fencing as losing sheep is an experience we have under our belt and one that doesn't need repeating anytime soon!

Our journey was surprisingly uneventful, the girls we ready and waiting so were quite happy to get in the back of the landy to go to their new home.
So we are now the proud owners of Rosie (the tiny one), Posie (the one who looks rather like a goat!) and Flossie, the only one who really looks like a Wiltshire Horn! Flossie is very friendly and likes to come over and be nosy as feeding time. Posie is less sure but she is very keen to find sheep nuts in the trough, but Rosie will only eat grass, she wont touch the hay and doesn't go anywhere near her sheep nuts. They are a delightful waste of time, I can spend far too long gazing at them wandering around the paddock pondering which clump of grass to nibble next. A&B love them, as soon as we are home from school they are out feeding and chatting to them, we are gradually getting our Harvey Herd status back!

The next project is chickens so watch this space.........

I had a very creative time in January and then everything seemed to grind to a halt. My travels have obviously worked wonders because the knitting needles are clicking again and Easter goodie bags are being made, cashmere jumpers from the charity shops have been felted and shapes cut to make bunnies and little knitted flowers seem to be springing up all over the place! Although my battle with the crochet hook is ongoing.

The arrival of the girls has seen me cutting out terry cloth to make my own indoor flock and hares are an endless inspiration, new mugs before our holiday have given me plenty of ideas. So it's time to lock the door and work on my friendship with the sewing machine - it's been a rocky relationship but we're working at it!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hallelujah!!!! I'm in the comments section and can leave lots of responses to your lovely postings!! Hello there dearest Pal. I love this post, it is so typical of you and the Harvey Herd. In particular I do LOVE LOVE LOVE your sheep and I am green with envy. They have the most wonderful faces! I wonder if your neighbours would object to sheep in the garden?
Can't wait to hear all about Finland and see your creative doings, when next we meet. Happy, happy days to you dear. Much love. D xx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Of course that was meant to say, I wonder if OUR neighbours would object to sheep!

Tracy x said...

how cute are your new additions!
lucky, lucky you x
thank you for visiting my blog - we seem to be living similar lives just very far apart :)
i shall add you to my blog list now so that i do not lose you!
t x