Friday, 11 June 2010

Yummy Things

Hello, I hope you're all having a fab week so far.

I feel quite chirpy today as the sun has come out from behind those grumpy grey clouds and made everything look quite delightful. So I thought I would share with you some things that have made me smile this past week.

Firstly is this special package

For whom? This little goody is for Flapjack, which is the name given to a dear friends "bump", this friend is looking far too lovely for a lady who is nearly two weeks late with her second baby, but clearly "Flapjack" is far too comfy and is showing little intention of making an appearance.

Finishing this tiny little blanket made me smile and smile, it was so much fun to make. The ripple pattern can be found over in the attic, it was lovely and rhythmic and the yarn was a joy. I used Sidar Baby Bamboo in cream and pale blue, it has a lovely sheen and feels so soft - perfect.

Then there are my thrifty finds at last weekends car boot sale. It was great fun and we spent lots of time catching up with Mrs Bun & Mr Bun.

This perfect portable picnic set was ideal for a spot of tea in the garden with Miss Magic! I am so excited with my stash of enamel bake ware ideal for camping which we plan to do much more of this year.

I have also finally finished this cushion cover, no longer sure where it is going due to house changes but I might use the colours as inspiration for the guest bedroom, another little project waiting in the wings.

And then there is my bunting! I had a few plates spinning this past week so I have needed my time with Mr Hook or Dr Hook as a friend referred to it, she sadly knows me far too well! When life gets a little wobbly I spend lots of time hooking and creating a storm in the kitchen which results in us drowning in a sea of cakes and other home baked treats - I'm sure there are worse ways of dealing with the odd blip of stress.....

Uummmmm, woodland hooky, the ultimate thearapy.

I had some baby bamboo yarn to use and was enjoying my memories of the seaside and bunting just seemed to fit the bill. It also took me on a lovely little outing to Frome where I spent a fab half hour in Millie Moon searching for the perfect buttons. I was not disappointed and now have lots more reasons to go back.

I have plenty of WIP's to keep the stress levels down, string is my choice of hooking material at the moment, I'm loving crocheted boxes and I'm particularly enjoying a cushion cover made with string, lots more to share soon. But right now I am supposed to be making blinds for the utility room at Rose Cottage as we are getting her ready for holiday's very exciting. You are all well aware of my sewing skills (or rather lack of them) so I must really stop procrastinating, but on a final note of things making me smile it has to be Bumble who wins hands down.

After our seaside visit I was so fed up trying to remove sand from her beautiful curls that I decided to give her a hair cut. I found Mr Magic's hair clippers and went about giving Bumble a new style.

As you can see she is not only unimpressed but so embarrassed by her lack of fur that she wouldn't even pose for a photo, Miss Magic was equally cross and I have been told to leave her alone in future!! I will keep trying to get a front end picture before all the curls grow back, have a great week. xx

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A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello there honey
I'm playing blog catch up, and here I find all your crochet loveliness - so gorgeous!
I wonder how the Rose Cottage blinds have turned out? And hopefully there hasn't been too much cursing along the way ;-)
Speak to you soon!
D x