Thursday, 10 June 2010

Seaside Days

It already feels like an age since half term and most of us in this house are now counting down to the summer hols - I'm sure that's not a good thing but back to routine can be a bit of an effort.

So I have been sifting back through the camera to remind myself of my lovely week by the sea. Not only was I by the sea but I got to spend time with Mr Magic and no mini magics! The mini magics had been whisked off to the seaside on the other side of the country with their lovely Grandma & Pop - we were redundant parents!

Broadstairs is still a new and exciting corner of the world to me, I am ashamed to say that for a born and bred Somerset girl, London is east and Birmingham is north, so by my standards Broadstairs is simply off the scale! But wow what a lovely learning curve.

The little seaside towns are beautifully traditional and the beaches are just gorgeous. The only down side that I have found is that when the wind blows by golly take shelter, it reaches parts you didn't know you had and it's soooo very chilly.

These wonderful pictures are of a lovely shop in Margate. In fact there was a cluster of stunning vintage shops which had me oooooing and ahhhhing. Although Mr Magic had been very careful in his planning and we had arrived just after closing time, gggrrrrr - but I will go back!

This yummy green and white dress has my name on it, I just need the wasp waist, can you buy those here too??!!

Then I found this picnic hamper, oh the dreaming and "I needs", I can't wait to go back and I haven't even got close to talking about the yarn shop that I found in Broadstairs......

Although this did turn out to be an adventure of the most yummy kind, it wasn't all rosy. Mr Magic and his little brother had decided that we should cycle to Margate as the weather was lovely. Now not to put too fine a point on things but I DON'T cycle. Yuck awful past time, I have never got the hang of it. My bike is a lovely black, shiny (due to lack of use), sit up and beg bike with a basket on the front for my crochet and a cake or two. It has 3 gears which as far as I am concerned is two too many.

So I borrowed little brother's girlfriends bike, which not only had too many gears to count but also had a saddle that resembled an implement of torture and off we went. I don't want you to think that I am ungrateful, I know they showed me the most lovely of shops and I should have been very happy, but we must also remember that they only took me to this fab spot AFTER they had CLOSED and my derriere was not happy after riding this implement of torture so I had a mini hissy fit (no where near as good as Miss Magic, Nb. I must practice more) and absolutely refused to cycle back until I had a much needed chilled glass of wine and food.

They didn't let me down! Are they lovely - well most of the time! Sitting out in the evening sunshine with our bottle of wine and our fish and chips was quite perfect.

And on the cycle back I was distracted by this beautiful sunset. Maybe cycling isn't so bad, but don't tell anyone I said that.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Hello you!

I am pretty sure "wasp waist" = corset! so you best pop over to marmaladekiss and take a look at her corset patterns... lol

I love the northern seaside towns.. they are all so unmodernised and just as they should be... Attic24 visited some recently and I loved the images of the railings along the seafront!

Well done with the bike riding.. I too am not a natural.. I end up huffing and puffing like an asmatic ant carrying heavy shopping! ;D

x Alex

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh those shops - when are we having a ladies only outing ???
I love the sea scenes - so beautiful - the beaches look so spacious and calm and peaceful. Bliss.
Congratulations on the cycling experience - hey, I've not been on a bike for 25 years - imagine that!!
Lots of love - maybe see you again at the booty on sunday??
D x

Julia said...

It sounds like my kind of ending that! A nice sunset and a good bottle of wine!! :D
I hope you weren't too saddle sore, I usually cant walk for a day or two if I ever cycle!

Much love
Julia x x x