Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A huge TA DAH moment!

Can another whole month have slipped past, incredible.

I just thought that I had better pop by and let you know that I am not sat idly twiddling my thumbs, neither have Dr Hook and I been spending endless hours together creating lovelies.

No this time I have been tearing around like a complete mad women, frantically gathering, decorating, sewing (a shock I know but the sewing machine and I are very nearly good friends), prettying (not sure that's a real word but I like it), to get Rose Cottage ready for holiday lets.

I am so very excited and incredibly nervous as our very first guests arrive this Saturday, OMG, really I am quite unnecessary, jittery and all over the place.

You have all been dragged along this roller coaster of a year with me, your kindness and unending support have really helped me through some lows, so now I would love to share this exciting moment with you all.

Here is my TA DAH! moment.

Rose Cottage is ready, we have reached the top of what seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle. And I am so very pleased and excited, she has become what I had dreamt of. It has been be no means a solo project, we would never be in a position to open her door to guests without huge amounts of help and support that we have received. But we are there - YIIIPPPEEEEE!!!!!!

So make a cuppa and take a look around and please let me know what you think. xx


Pink Feather Paradise said...

You and your team should be very proud of yourselves and its amazing how location can make so much difference to the rental value... I have been looking at cotages near the sea and some of them are nearly £1,300 a week... eekk!

and you already have so many bookings... I am a little green ;D but so very happy for you...

big hugs

Catherine said...

Wow! It REALLY is Ta-Dah! The cottage is fabulous! Really love it! I would want to live in it permanently though and not rent it out if it were mine! Cx

Blooming Felt said...

Oh my goodness ! That is truly gorgeous. Many many congratulations on all of your hard work - it has certainly paid off and I'm sure you will be booked solid before long. Well done !!! x

Pipany said...

Oh it is GORGEOUS! I want to live there lease. Very well done you x

Julia said...

Its amazingly beautiful, you have worked a miracle on it!
We were in Burford on Sunday, such a pretty area - Im sure you will be inundated with guests, best of luck to you with it!

Much love
Julia x