Friday, 5 March 2010


I have started to write my blog so many times these last few weeks but muddles keep meddling with my thoughts and nothing, just nothing happens. So I just flit around blog land searching for your updates, cheerful snippets of your lives as a diversion from my own.

All of your wonderful messages lifted me up and carried me through the news of Mr Magic's redundancy when I thought we had hit an all time low. That would seem to have been just the first test of our strength.

The Magic household seems to have been rocked at it's foundation.

One breath taking moment when you watch a loved one go from happily living his life with the love of his life, to being within a breath of life and there is nothing that can be done.

Shock, anger and a void of emptiness that creeps up on you no matter how hard you are trying not to think.

But one thing he wasn't was gloomy. He was caring, loving and fun.

Taken too soon, with no warning, we are left reeling. But the world keeps turning, days keeping starting and we must also keep time.

Now we are left to find him in spring flowers, feel him in the first warm rays of the sun and in the star studded sky at night. When we hope that the aching will subside and the memories will make us smile again.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello dear one
Such a sad moving account of your sudden bereavement. Indeed, only time and the changing seasons can ease the shock and first waves of grief. Nature becomes a solace doesn't it? Finding memories of him in new life bursting into colour around us is both a comfort and another stab of pain and loss. One day is steady, the next a crumbling of angry loss and questioning. As you know, I can understand what you are going through only too well.
But time, the love of family and friends and the daily routines really do help to make the cutting pain less terrible and you all will in time, learn to live with the loss - nothing takes it away: life is like a plant which grows over a hole in a wall.
Sending you love and hugs as always.
D x said...

A beautiful heartfelt post! You have captured the feelings which are close to us all, some more than others, but we all touch on them in some way at times in our lives. I have many times now, and have been close to it myself. I send you love. suzie. xxx

The Fairy Glade said...

I'm sorry that you are sad. Sometimes life is hard and there is nothing that we can do about it. I am reliably informed that things can only get better...not necessarily what we want to hear though. Take care. Dev x

Julia said...


Your words were very touching, and I really felt for you as I read your post. Life is certainly testing at times isn't it? Take each day as it comes, one step at a time, Im very sorry for your loss and I send you my love.

Julia x x x

Purrfect Haven said...

greatly saddened for your loss, and hope with all my heart, that you feel there is light out there. We send you purrs (Darcy and Blingley) and Helen sends you a hug.

Claire said...

Oh, have just discovered your 2010 posts and feel very sad on reading of your loss.

It puts all my woes into persepective.

Hope the Spring weather helps to brighten your days a little.
Look after yourself and your little family and hope that each day brings something that can help you smile and give you strength at this time.

Warm hugs coming from thousands of miles away but with much sympathy and love.