Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We're Off.....

We are going on our holidays, no really, WE ARE GOING!!!

It's been booked for nearly a year. Mickey Mouse and the sunshine state are beckoning, 10 fun filled days with friends, maybe be a little run or two just to pass the time.

We don't care that we have over a foot of snow, it is not important that Mr Magic's car had to be abandoned 5 miles from home last night and do we care that the airport is currently closed??


We are about to slowly, carefully, with much merriment and hot chocolate in flasks, begin the journey to Uncle Andy & Auntie Paula's - Bumble is spending her holiday there as they are so close to the airport. Then a short slide to our flight whenever it takes off!

So have fun in the snow! Hugs Debs xx


A Country Girl said...

Lucky you!
Have a great time and bring us back some sunshine!

Julia said...

Lucky you!! Escaping this vile cold weather, I wish you the best of times - have a safe journey and I look forward to hearing all about it on your return!

Much love
Julia xxx

skippinginthemeadow said...

Wonderful!!I am feeling so Excited for You :o)

I am almost back in blogland, hoping to be around again properly in the Spring. Looking forward to catching up with your holiday news, will drop by before the Spring for that :o)

Take care and have a Fabulous time xx

Love and Hugs x Sumea