Thursday, 10 December 2009


Is it really Thursday?! December always gallops along but hec this one is the speediest yet. As usual Christmas is gaining pace on me and sending me into a whirl wind, now is when I start to panic slightly and begin my compulsive list writing.

But forget all the chaos (although I am sure that you are all terribly organised and serene) and help me enjoy my EUREKA moment.

Since our move last year I have been a full time stay at home Mum, which is a privilege. I have been able to settle Mstr B & Miss A after all the upheavel of relocating, be here for all their disasters, all their achievements and all the taxi requirements 8 & 10yr olds need! So finding my creative side has been a real adventure which has had many ups and downs in itself. I am yet to find a great love for my sewing machine but we are now friends, which is a major accomplishment but crochet has been a different matter, my hook and I now share a very special bond.

I have followed blogs avidly finding new things to crochet, new stitches and designs, I have gazed longingly at others talents, their impeccable creations which look so perfect, not a stitch out of place, colours that compliment and speed that I could only dream of.

But my dear friends today was the day that I sat back and looked at one of my creations and thought WOW. The feeling is immense, quite overwhelming and very unexpected. One would think that I have created something gigantic but it is only small and I have only actually finished one, not the two that are needed, yet I am still all unnecessary, twitchy and excitable.

Let me start with the yarn, the colours are delicious, it is a Rowan Kid Classic Yarn, so it feels just lovely to play with. I love standing in the needlecraft shop drinking in the rows of yarn, they look just like sweeties. These colours jumped out and begged to be brought home - so I obliged!

In just a short amount of time yesterday evening, hooking away I made one wrist warmer in this lovely yarn. I know I said my speed was improving too so just to let you all know I also finished a pair for a dear friend but I can't show you those or it will spoil her opening her pressie!

This single wrist warmer has made me soooooo happy, strange isn't it?! The small things really can make a big difference. Thank you so much for allowing me to wallow in my eureka moment, I can't wait for this evening to arrive so I can pick up my hook and finish my project, but for now the other side of a stay at home Mum is needing attention, the ironing is calling, supper must be prepared and the vacuum cleaner is getting such little use that it is trying to get out of the cupboard by itself, not to mention a furry ball of discontentment who is following me around with her nose at my ankles!


A Country Girl said...

Well done you, the colours are lovely.
I had a lovely dream last night - that I was in a wool shop!
I'm probably spending too much time knitting!

Floss said...

I don't think you could have chosen nicer colours! It's great! Now for round two...

I haven't dared to try to learn to crochet, as my childhood attempts at knitting were such unmitigated disasters. I am very non-mathematical and hate following instructions. But we will be spending Christmas with my Mother in Law who actually managed to teach her sons to knit and crochet, so surely she could teach me??? Do I dare ask?

A Bun Can Dance said...

Now this is just so lovely to see and read! I've had one of those afternoons in THAT place, so my patience is tried and tested.... then I come home, log on and find all this wonderful crochet creativity on your blog! And the blog background matches the wrist warmer! You've gone all Christmassy too!
Just splendid!
D xx

Just be happy! said...

I have to agree with you, it's a privilege to be a stay at home mom, I feel very fortunate too.
Love the wrist warmer, and I'm glad to hear you had a blast crocheting.

The snow falling on your blog is just so cute!

Pipany said...

Hello. I so love photos of knitting and these are gorgeous. well done for doing so well on the knitting front x

Julia said...

I love them! Well done you! I understand how hard it is somedays finding even a few minutes of time for yourself, let alone gorgeous projects!
Do you have a pattern that you followed for the wrist warmers? Id be very interested to have a go myself!

Much love
Julia xxx

Julia said...

Thankyou for your message today! - if you do have the time to share your pattern that would be great, but I know its a busy time of year so theres no rush - if you want to email it to me, the best way is through the contacts form on my website:

You're very thoughtful, thank you very much :)

With love
Julia xxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Happy New Year to you all !
Wishing you a year of health, joy and a very ample sprinkling of magic - big hugs and kisses to all,
From The Buns and all the family