Friday, 26 June 2009

Ta Dah!!!!

Although the ice cream cupcakes were a wonderful distraction and greatly appreciated by many (due to the vast quantity that I made) I did finally get on with the job in hand and clear the study furniture into the landy.

This was no mean feat, bookcases are awkward and desks heavy but with constant encouragement from Bumble (!) and a rather impressive stubborn streak I did it!

Best not to mention the odd expletive that escaped my lips, but there were no children present.

As you can see it was all quite exhausting - even from an observers point of view!!!

1 comment:

Julia said...

Hello there!!

Your pictures are reminding me that we are meant to be starting to pack up our lounge and dining room, everything in boxes for when Danny (literally the champion plasterer of the world) arrives to deal with our hellish artex.

Funny thing is, I keep finding other things to distract me, like Lemon Drizzle cakes to bake...

Love Julia xxx